Quinta Splendida

Nature, the best value card in Madeira.

Quinta Splendida

With an average annual temperature of 20ºc, Madeira combines all the conditions for the development of all kinds of flora that can be found by the island’s plants and flowers in various parts of the world. When our tourists visit Madeira by its nature, they are visiting the largest “Laurissilva” forest in the world. With endemic plants such as Ocotea foetens, Apollonias barbujana, Dryopteris maderensis, Euphorbia mellifera, Laurus azorica, Vaccinium padifolium, Picconia excelsa, among others, it is a Unesco World Heritage forest.

Madeira is also known for its flowers and the famous festival of flowers where the flowers produced on the island are displayed.

In Madeira, floral species from many parts of the world are blooming, as the island has peculiar climatic conditions which are conducive to the flowering of species from both tropical and cold regions.

Quinta Splendida

The Flower Festival is a tribute to spring, and the celebration of the metamorphosis and rebirth, the fertility and abundance of flowers that paint, perfume and inebriate the environment and lend value and take the good name of this tourist destination across borders. Find out more about what to expect at the Madeira Flower Festival, which will take place between 30 April and 24 May.

The Flower Festival is also a cultural event. Associated with the event, the tradition stands out, either through the performances of folkloric groups or through the construction of beautiful floral carpets. At the same time the flower is honoured through the magnificent Flower Exhibition and the city is enlivened with musical concerts and variety shows.

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